About Us

Story of India’s Favorite Footwear

The brand Elite is one of the most successful business stories to have emerged from Eastern India. After starting off in the 1960s in Assam, Elite is now a major force in the footwear industry with retail outlets sprawling thousands of square feet in prime locations like Central Kolkata. Since its inception, the motto of Elite has been to offer fashionable and aesthetically designed footwear for Indians at a pocket-friendly price tag. The popularity of the brand in a market that was dominated by other traditional names of the footwear industry is surely a testament to how well people have accepted Elite as part of their lives.

The Mission

Brand Elite has a simple mission: offer affordable but fashionable shoes to everyone by reaching out to a wider audience with an extensive and expansive retail chain. To make this mission possible, Elite has spread out its wings all over Eastern and later Southern India after starting out in Assam. Subsequently is moved to Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, in addition to West Bengal.

The Vision

Our vision is to be in every step with happiness. We wish to see every Indian step out in Elite footwear with a lot of happiness in heart.

The History

ELITE is a footwear chain founded by Sri Satya Ranjan Bhowmik in Assam in the 1960s. After reaching out to other states of India, Elite reached West Bengal in 1970s. Tezpur offered the initial burst of success when all the three stores that we open was accepted very well by the customers. Elite launches a massive store in the busy market area of Behala, it still happens to be among the largest shoe stores in Kolkata, sprawled out over 3000 square feet. The Lindsay Street Store in Esplanade is our flagship store, keeping its presence held high despite stiff competition from other traditional brand names of the footwear segment in an area that is peppered with shoe stores. Customers come to Elite when they want something at par with the best in the world but a price tag that would suit their budget! The sheer variety of the footwear range, from something for every taste and choice, is a reason why the brand is so popular.

Founder Story

Sri Satya Ranjan Bhowmik is the founding father of M/s Elite Shoe Company. He is a guiding visionary despite being an octogenarian. He is a guiding light to his next generation who run the company now. His next generation has enabled him to take the right decisions at the right time and coupled with his own vision and business acumen, he has built the brand Elite from scratch. He was not swayed by the initial success of the brand and continued putting in the hard yards. That ensured that the brand never lost direction or moved away from the commitment to offer the best shoes at best prices. In spite of being confined to Assam for an initial period, Sri Bhowmik’s vision and dedication took the brand to the entire country and today it is a dominant force in the footwear industry.


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