Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy footwear directly from Elite Shoe Company (ESC)?

While we recommend you visit one of our locations for the best fit, you can purchase our products through our Multiple stores across West Bengal and India.

Why should I purchase my Elite Company shoes through an authorized ESC dealer?

ESC works closely with its dealers to ensure customer satisfaction. An authorized ESC dealer will be able to provide assistance should you have a concern with your footwear purchase. We feel our customers deserve the personal attention that only a knowledgeable shoe fitter can provide. Since our feet tend to change in shape and size as we get older, we recommend having your feet measured every time you purchase new shoes. Authorized ESC dealers can be found on our Store Locator page.

How can I order a particular style or size that my ESC retailer doesn't carry?

Most of our retailers participate in our special order program. If you have a specific request, please notify your retailer and ask to place a special order or call Customer Service for ordering assistance. Our catalog shows what sizes are currently available in each style. Outside of the sizes in the catalog, we may be able to accommodate your request at an additional charge.

How do I know if my favorite ESC shoe is still available?

If your local authorized ESC retailer does not have the style or color you want in stock, it may still be available. Most of our ESC styles stay around for many years and become wardrobe staples. To check on the availability of a style or color, view our Shop Styles page (men, women, accessories) for our current line. Additionally, you may contact our Customer Service department through our Contact page, or by calling +91 33 22115196

I have a problem with the ESC shoes that I purchased on a third-party auction site. Who do I contact?

We recommend you contact the seller. Please note: ESC cannot assist with requests on purchases made through unauthorized dealers or third-party auction sites. Unfortunately, many of these third parties are selling shoes that have not been manufactured in quite some time. Authorized ESC dealers can be found on our Store Locator page.

Does ESC offer a warranty?

We do guarantee our footwear from manufacturer defects within a reasonable amount of time and wear. Normal or abnormal wear and tear is not considered a manufacturer defect. While we use the highest quality leather and other materials available, all materials break down over time, whether worn or not.

What is Elite Shoe Company(ESC) return policy?

We will be happy to provide a full refund or an even exchange of any unworn or defective merchandise within 30 days of the purchase, provided you have the original receipt.

Refunds will be made in the form of the original payment for the price noted on the receipt. If you don't have a receipt or you return merchandise after 30 days from the purchase date, we can offer you an even exchange for any unworn or defective merchandise.

We take great pride in handcrafting each shoe; however, please understand all materials will naturally break down over time, regardless of wear and tear or frequent/infrequent use. No product can be designed to last forever.

In the event of an unusual situation, please contact our Customer Service department for a thorough evaluation. Be prepared to provide a brief summary to help us determine a solution.

Note: This return policy is applicable to and ESC owned retail stores only. Independently-owned ESC stores or authorized ESC retailers may have their own individual return policies which may vary from this one.

Can I use my custom orthotics?

ESC shoes are designed for comfort and fit. They are not specifically designed as orthopedic footwear. However, many of our styles have a removable foot bed, which may accommodate an orthotic or appliance. We always recommend trying on the shoes with your orthotic to ensure a proper fit.

How do you say ESC?

Although our full name is Elite Shoe Company, sometimes we are referred to by our abbreviated name, which is ESC, or (‘es\’a\‘es). While we prefer Elite Shoe over ESC, how our customers say our name is not as important to us as how they enjoy the comfort of our shoes.

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